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Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

This service is for residential and commercial customers who need monthly maintenance of their landscapes.
We make sure that your landscape looks sharp and is well cared for in every season. Our visits can include but are not limited to:

    • Lawn Maintenance— careful mowing, trimming, edging to give your grass it’s best look
    • Aeration— when needed to help improve the health of your grass
    • Seasonal Color— installed twice per year will give attractive appeal to your home or business
    • Pine Straw and/or Mulch— improves plant health and gives your landscape a clean, professional look
    • Fertilization— keeps your lawn in good health and your seasonal color blooming bright

Garden Maintenance

We offer this unique service for those of you who have ornamental gardens in your yards.

Ornamental gardens are different from more regular landscapes in that they have less lawn areas.

In addition, they usually have a large number of unique “specimen” plants such as Deodar cedars and Japanese maples, as well as a variety of specialty perennials such as Daphne or heirloom roses.

For this reason, these plants often require specialized watering, fertilizing and pruning.

These plants don’t do well under regular landscape maintenance techniques, but with some attention to their specific requirements they can thrive and your yard will look wonderful. We recommend garden maintenance every 3 to 6 months, depending on your yard’s specific needs.


Attention To Detail

A few of the details we pay attention to are listed below, but there can be many more:

  • Plant spacing for plant health
  • Plant placement in regards to light and moisture requirements
  • Selective pruning for plant health
  • Rejuvenation Pruning for proper plant growth habit
  • Soil Tests if needed to determine pH and nutrient restrictions
  • Disease and Pest Diagnosis
  • Mulch/Pinestraw needs for moisture retention and overwintering
  • Soil Amendments for nutrient deficiency
  • Debris Removal of old leaf material which can foster disease
  • Irrigation system check

Irrigation Contracting and Troubleshooting

Do you have an existing irrigation system but don’t know how it works or how to troubleshoot problems?
If you have an existing irrigation system, we can troubleshoot any problems it might have and teach you how to use it.

Getting bored with the status quo?

We can help you with a refreshingly new design plan.

If you’d like to add something a little out of the ordinary, check out our specialties.