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Landscape Installation


Installation and Enhancement

While our goal is to improve appearances and give your home the look you desire, we always pay attention to the property at all levels. Possible considerations include:

  • drainage issues
  • soil health
  • plant placement and growth pattern
  • practicality and safety

In this way we can create a beautiful landscape which will work for you and also last a long time.

Landscape Renovation and Brush Removal

Whether you are moving into an older home, renovating your current home, or maybe even preparing to put your home on the market, we are skilled at helping you breathe new life and enjoyment into your garden.

From expert pruning of neglected trees and shrubs (including fruit trees, ornamentals, and Japanese maples), to selecting and installing plants that are easy to care for and look good throughout all seasons, we love to see your garden look vibrant again.

Yard Cleanup Yard Cleanup. We can take an overgrown landscape and return it to a manageable form through heavy and/or light equipment work and efficient clean up and brush removal.

We have equipment capable of clearing overgrown areas to install new landscapes as well. Even if you intend to do the landscaping yourself, we would be happy to help you with whatever steps you need to achieve your goals.

James is our trained heavy equipment operator and he is skilled at leaving minimal impact on your yard with maximum effect.

Heavy Equipment/Tractor Work— In addition to brush removal, we also use our equipment to address other issues for our clients such as drainage, dirt removal, auger work, and grading. Save your back and let us help you out with your project.

Irrigation Contracting and Troubleshooting

2IrrigationDo you not have enough time to water all of your plants by hand and need a system installed? Water is one of the most common reasons why landscapes don’t grow and mature like they should.

It is essential that your plants receive adequate amounts of water, and this is easy to accomplish with a simple irrigation system.

If you need a system installed but aren’t sure if you can afford it, just give us a call because there are many possibilities. Our most popular system is the inexpensive but durable “drip” irrigation system which is also highly water efficient.

If you are going to install a landscape, drip irrigation will ensure that your plants (and investment) will be established for longevity.

Hardscapesnatural stone

From patios to walkways, hardscapes can be a beautiful, low maintenance addition to your landscape.

They are very practical, and can help reduce wear and tear on your yard by helping direct foot-traffic (and pet-traffic) toward the right areas and away from sensitive plants.

They also help keep the inside of your house cleaner. Even just a simple pebble pathway will greatly reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into your house.

It’s installed. Now what do I do?

We can help you maintain your newly planted space.

If you’d like to add something a little out of the ordinary, check out our specialties.